Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lines! Lines! Lines!

Lines are everywhere and our first projects in Kindergarten and First grade have centered around this essential element of art. First graders traced their hands and filled them with different kinds of lines, wavy, zig zag, straight, lumpy, curvy, etc.... When finished they resembled the hands of a tattooed ROCK STAR! On day two, they colored their hands with crayons and painted over them with a tempera wash. They are lovely!

Kindergarten students practiced drawing lines on their "invisible air paper" while on the rug. Then they drew invisible lines on their white paper with white crayons. This helps them become aware of the motion of their arms in creating lines. We covered our invisible lines with bleeding art tissue and sprayed them with water. The tissue bled and their lines magically appeared. We also spent some time discussing that words can have different meanings and that "bleeding" in art didn't mean we needed to call the ambulance :) I had my hands full and forgot to photo them with the tissue but here they are drawing lines on their "invisible air paper".